Our Services

As It Is – Systemic Consulting provide three key services using the Systemic Approach. These services are consulting, coaching, and the constellation method. To ensure a perfect fit – we advise booking a free initial consultation with us today.

The client’s organisational needs are taken into account when recommending one or a combination of services. Read below for more detailed information on our services or get in touch to discuss the best options for your company.

“Transformation starts when you acknowledge the situation as it is!”  Jan Jacob Stam


Do you have recurring issues that you haven’t been able to solve?

As It Is provide consulting using the ‘exploratory method’, which centres around observing the system as a whole. This means our consultants and the client objectively zoom out from the issue in question to examine the context. This often leads to discoveries of previously unobserved connections, which can the inform wide comprehensive changes.

This service is best suited to individuals and teams who wish to understand the complex interrelated nature of their workplace.

We work alongside you to:

  • Identify alternative scenarios to organisational issues
  • Discover, analyse, and explore new ways to address structural bottle-necks
  • Overcome organisational defensiveness
  • Re-focus on achievable targets and realistic strategies


Want to approach obstacles in a different way?

In systemic coaching the question or problem of the client is a starting point. Our coaches focus on observation practice, which means outlining scenarios as part of a system. Hidden connections are explored through zooming out. The result is clarity on new solutions and opportunities. A client will be able to make informed choices in the future.

This service is best suited to individuals or management teams that want to equip themselves with long-lasting problem solving skills.

We work alongside you to:

  • Challenge and guide your growth
  • Enhance insights on transitions
  • Support decision-making processes
  • Identify core strengths and purpose
  • Help you focus on what is important
  • Reveal patterns that impact choices


Tired of disjointed dynamics in your workplace?

Our Constellation Method allows teams to understand the inner workings of their organisation and what part they play in it. The method is a spatial representation, where people serve the role of interrelated systemic elements. Our sessions then explore scenarios and resulting dynamics. This often highlights core issues that were previously unobserved.

This service is best suited to individuals and those in management who want to empower their workplace to observe from a systemic perspective.

We work alongside you to:

  • Improve effectiveness, operations, and flow
  • Explore patterns impacting dynamics and results
  • Aid communication inside and outside the team
  • Clarify team leading principles, roles, responsibilities and boundaries
  • Identify areas with lack of support