Experiencing recurring problems, stuck teams, disengaged people, or disjointed dynamics?

You have great individuals on board but something just isn’t working. Whenever you address an issue, it seems to crop up again. It’s time to approach your business as a human system with AS IT IS

Start to uncover your organisation’s hidden pain points

Most organisational issues are systemic. What you think is an isolated problem is often the result of a larger breakdown. AS IT IS identifies these overarching dynamics using the Systemic Approach, so your leadership can make different choices and create a culture everyone wants to work in.

What we do

The Systemic Approach and key methods in a nutshell

“Everything exists and interacts within a larger system. Observe the system as a whole to identify the dynamics, and pinpoint where issues arise.”


Exploratory consultation informed by the organisation itself.

The client and consultant objectively zoom out from a situation to observe the larger context.

From a wider view one can discover the organisation’s systemic needs.

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Teaching how to apply a systemic perspective.

The coach and client practice observing situations as part of an interrelated system.

The client can then use this perspective to discover hidden dynamics and make informed choices in the future.

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A spatial representation of an organisational system.

Objects and people are used to represent system elements (eg; the board, team, client, product.)

Scenarios and interactions are played out, uncovering conscious and unconscious dynamics.

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Years of results in Europe, Americas, and Asia


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Sessions for long-lasting clarification

This approach has worked for businesses across the globe, and it can work for you too

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And the best part? The Systemic Approach doesn’t discriminate.

Whether you’re in a start-up, small business, or multi-national corporation, the approach and methods can be applied. AS IT IS offer a range of services to suit any scale, with advisory consulting, leadership training, mentoring, and coaching, tailored for groups of any size. Your organisation is unique, and your solutions should be too.

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